Quick tips to make your Broward County home appear cleaner during the holidays

by Lucy - December 8, 2016

The Holidays are quick on their way, and so is the company the holidays bring. Here are a few quick tricks and tips on how to make your home appear cleaner over the holidays. You can have no fear when your family arrives early, friends and neighbors stop in or your kids bring their friends by over the break.

  1. The floors are for furniture (and presents) only.
  • When your living room, entry way, and kitchen, or any spaces a guest will see in your house are free of cluttered floors that room will appear neater and larger. Toss out any old newspaper stacks, and put away any bags.
  1. Clutter free counters
  • Clear off your kitchen counters to only what you use every day. Put away that box of cereal you had this morning and toss any opened mail. 
  1. Tackle the toilet and sink
  • Any bathroom a guest might use simply wipe down both the toilet and sinks (should probably add some fresh towels too while you’re at it) A sanitary bathroom will make guest more comfortable in your home, and you at ease.
  1. Make your home smell nice
  • Boiling citrus is a guaranteed way of giving your home that fresh and clean scent, just take any of  your favorite Florida citrus and boil the peel for an instant fresh winter scent throughout your home.
  1. Make the beds.
  • Not every guest will see the bedrooms but for a quick fix simply make the beds so the eye can settle on something neat.