South Florida cleaning service hiring maids | Apply here!

by Lucy - December 7, 2016


Good news!

Maid In Broward is hiring!

The demand for our services is reaching new heights and we are looking to expand our housekeeper staff. Here are just a few of the perks you would experience by joining the Maid In Broward team.


  • Flexible schedule and Work Week

    • Maid in Broward offers our housekeeping staff the option to pick and choose which appointments they would like to take based on time and location of the appointment. Allowing you the time to take care of personal obligations, life responsibilities, and to meet family needs whenever it is convenient.

  • Pay is Weekly!

    • No need to wait to get paid for the work you’re doing or planning out your budget weeks in advance.

  • Never Dull

    • No sitting behind a stuffy desk or cramped cubicle all day. Instead you get the chance to constantly travel around to new and beautiful South Florida locations!

  • Great work environment and Team Work

    • Relationships are important to our business and our staff, which is why we keep our environment, positive, fun and friendly!

  • Competitive pay

    • Thats right we offer competitive pay compared to other Florida maid cleaning services!

We are truly looking for someone who will enjoy a service oriented job, work hard, and can enjoy our positive community here  at Maid In Broward.

Apply here: