Common day-to-day items and how often they should be cleaned!

by Lucy - August 11, 2016

When was the last time you REALLY cleaned your bed? Or even your sink? Ever wondered how often the most used items in your life should go through a little maintenance? Here are some of the most common day-to-day items and how often they should be cleaned!

Bed Sheets

Dust mites thrive in dirty sheets, which can lead to all sorts of unwanted things such as Asthma. To get rid of these little buggers wash your sheets once a week at a high temperature (130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) followed by a hot dryer cycle.

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Pillows are another harbor for dust mites. Studies have actually shown that the weight of a pillow will increase over time because of its accumulation of dust mites! The best way to keep them clean is by washing them every three to six months using the gentle cycle on your washing machine. Wash no more than two at a time, through two rinse cycles and a drying cycle.



“Cleaning a mattress? What?” is probably what is going through your mind. Although it is large, it is surprisingly one of the easiest things to clean. Every six months use your vacuum for the top of your mattress to remove any unwanted dust mites or dirt. Then, remove stains by wiping down the surface with a small amount of upholstery shampoo and a damp cloth.



A deep window wash should take place twice a year in order to keep them at their best conditions. Cleaning both inside and outside with a squeegee produces the best results



Some of the newer generations of ovens will actually clean themselves, but if yours does not then here is what you should do every six months. Remove the racks and leave them overnight to soak in warm water. Next, spray the interior and the door with an oven cleaner, you can find these in your local grocery store, and leave it to soak for a few hours. Then, just wipe it all down!oven-cleaning-fort-lauderdale


To keep food stored in a germ-free environment cleaning should take place about once a week. Just use a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar to wipe the inside and outside of the fridge. Then, just leave it open for a short period of time in order to let it air dry.


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